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Traditional Chinese cooking is undeniably one of the most culinary creative cuisines you can find, with a humongous variety of flavours both sweet and savoury, creating extravagant, beautiful culinary masterpieces that follow the same traditional methods that’s seen next to no changes across the 1000s of years of history (must be a sign of something great!!)

However there is one ultimate, and arguably the most important & favourite staple food in Chinese cuisine that I dare not forget to mention: the Chinese Dim Sum. 

Dim Sum dumplings come in the form of beautifully prepared bite size parcels filled with delicious fillings with more mouth-watering variations you could even think of. If you haven’t heard of the Char Siu Bao (Steam Roast BBQ Pork Buns) then I’m here to tell you it’s not too late!

Tons of Chinese takeaway in London and the UK serve the delicious Dim Sum! It’s a must-try! There are hundreds of types of Dim Sum for you to try! One of the most famous is Har Gau, a shrimp-stuffed-dumpling made of a combination of wheat and tapioca starches creating the perfect translucent and chewy dough-like shell which is then stuffed with exquisite tasty cooked Shrimp or King Prawn! Delightful! 

Dim Sum is eaten in abundance & whether you’re alone or enjoying a portion of Dim Sum with your family or friends no one can pass judgement on you eating Dim Sum by the truck load! (because hey, they are tiny after all!) Dim Sum translates in English to ‘touch the heart’ radiating the love for Dim Sum even more!

Greatly celebrated and eaten in China for centuries, Dim Sum has made its way to western culture and cuisines where the genius behind this culinary masterpiece has been recognized, embraced and grown hugely popular in restaurants all round the UK especially. At All Eat we’ve put together a list of Chinese restaurants with options of delicious Dim Sum available for delivery or collection! You can find that list below! 

Cantonese Takeaway Treforest! – click the link to order!

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Chinese takeaway in Treforest! 

Search Dim Sum near me, Chinese takeaway near me or Chinese food near me to find Cantonese Takeaway 116 Broadway Treforest Pontypridd CF37 1BE

Dim Sum Platter just £8.80! (10 pieces) 

Causeway Bay Chinese Takeaway Gosport!  – click the link to order!

Tasty Chinese takeaway in Gosport!

Search Dim Sum near me, Chinese takeaway near me or Chinese food near me to find Causeway Bay Chinese takeaway 152 Elson Road Gosport Hampshire PO12 4AA

Dim Sum Platter just £5.30! (6 pieces)

ALLEY RESTAURANT HAMMERSMITH– click the link to order!

Free Delivery on orders over £15! (via All Eat app) 

Chinese Takeaway in Hammersmith! 

Search Dim Sum near me, Chinese takeaway near me or Chinese food near me to find Alley Restaurant 291-293 King St, Hammersmith London England W6 9NH

Dim Sum Platter just £13.50! (9 pieces)

Yummy Chinese Takeaway Tooting – click the link to order!

Free delivery over £10!

Mouth-watering Chinese takeaway in Tooting!

Search Dim Sum near me, Chinese takeaway near me or Chinese food near me to find Yummy Chinese Takeaway 841 Garratt Lane Tooting London SW17 0PG

Dim Sum Platter just £8.90! (8 pieces)

Enjoy in style! They are the perfect size for chopsticks, with each piece being crafted perfectly into bite sized parcels of pure joy! That raises the question, what came first the Dim Sum or the chopstick…? 

Enjoy a Chinese takeaway and let the dreams of a mouth-watering takeaway treat delivered to your door, courtesy of All Eat!


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