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It’s Friday 26th February and here we have the Lantern Festival! Otherwise known as the Yuan Xiao Festival, this day marks the end of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) and signifies the start of the Lunar Cycle in celebration and honor of the first Full moon of the Chinese calendar. The day in which traditional celebrations during Spring Festival come to an end, decorations are taken down and Chinese New Year forbidden taboos are no longer in effect, so those activities that give you bad luck are no longer pose a threat. (But that doesn’t mean you can be haphazard with those plates!) All Eat wishes you a virtuous New Year and joyous Lantern festivities! Why not celebrate with a cheeky Chinese takeaway?

Huge celebrations will be seen, with high spirits continued on from the coming-to-an-end Spring Festival as China enters its fresh calendar year and Lunar cycle. Abundances of joy, celebration and loving embrace is important in ensuring you are to be set off for a good year to come…leave no stone unturned! If you can’t visit those who are closest to you, even a simple loving message to a family member may improve your fortune for the coming year!

Dragon Dances, Fireworks, lighting Chinese Lanterns and eating Tangyuan/Yuanxiao is celebrated across China with the Lantern festival being a bright, colourful, happy and joyous celebration enjoyed by all, promoting forgiveness, reunion and respect to both those that have passed and those close to you.

Though the Lantern festival has different meanings and purpose to each individual, generally it is celebrated to honor deceased Ancestors, promoting sought after traits such as forgiveness, peace and clarity while reconciling those ancestors who have passed away, reuniting in unity with those around you and in celebration of old relatives. Lanterns are lit in a large crowd, filling the sky with light festival earning its name as the festival of Lanterns! Chinese lanterns are lit in abundance, lighting up the dark night skies in honor and respect of those who have passed away, symbolizing the light carried on after death in Chinese mythology and religions.

Least we forget, one of the most important traditions celebrated during the Lantern Festival. The clue is in the name…Yuanxiao! (tangyuan) the sweet, glutinous rice balls are eaten in abundance through the Chinese new year and doesn’t stop there! During the Lantern Festival, families will make hundreds of these Rice balls so that they can be eaten throughout the festivals. These tasty, sweet balls of Rice flour filled with a variety of sweet centers like peanut butter or any other sweet treat are thought to carry good wishes of togetherness, family unity and an all round sweet life! Plus they taste amazing – a guilty pleasure for many, so during the Lantern festival is a great time to fill those boots!

‘How can I celebrate the Lantern Festival in the UK?’ We hear you call…well, that’s easy!

Why not order the closest thing you can to being in China and join in celebration of the Lantern Festival and New Year’s first Lunar cycle by ordering your favourite Chinese takeaway! Here’s a list of our Top 3 Chinese takeaways of the year so far! Indulge yourself in something delicious and join the traditions with All Eat!

Yu Chinese Takeaway Penicuik Edinburgh

Dig into a delicious portion of Shredded Beef in Chilli Sauce for just £6 from the best Chinese takeaway Penicuik has to offer!

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New Dragon Chinese Takeaway South Norwood

Indulge yourself in a wonderful dish of Chicken Chop Suey for just £5.50 from the best Chinese takeaway in South Norwood! Enjoy in style! 

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Happy Days Chinese Takeaway

Satisfy your takeaway cravings with a mouth-watering Chinese takeaway in Pembury! Enjoy a delicious Crispy Aromatic Duck (Served with Spring Onions, Cucumber, Pancakes & Hoi Sin Sauce) for just £10! Best Chinese Pembury has to offer! 

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