What is the Points System in ALL EAT?

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Get huge discounts while ordering from All Eat. Simply refer friends to earn points and use them as discount. One point equals one pence.

1- one point is equal to one pence.
2- Points can be redeemed to take up to 5% off of the total order value.
3- Points must be used within 6 months after receiving them. Points will become invalid if not used.
4- There are ways to earn points, refer a friend, and enter the download code. After the recommended customer places an order, the referrer and the recommended customer earn 50 points each after the order is successfully placed. The referrer will get an additional 10 points each time the recommended customer places an order.

5- There are 2 tiers of points awarded. The first tier is receiving 10 points each time the original recommended customer places an order. If the person you recommended begins to recommend other people, you will receive additional points which are considered the second tier. The second tier is receiving 5 points for each order placed by the additional people who were invited by the person you originally recommended.

6- You can use your points to purchase All Eat merchandise. When purchasing the merchandise, the customer must fill in all the details required such as email, name, phone number, and address. Points are divided into two sections, one is available points and the other is unavailable points. Available points are the approved points awarded to you when the recommended customer has successfully placed an order. Unavailable points are the points that are pending in your account until the recommended customer places their first order. The referrer can send a reminder to the recommended customer to encourage them to make an order. Once the order has been placed successfully they will be moved to available points.

7- Every time you earn points, the App will have a pop-up. The pop-up window will show how many points you have earned. Referrers can only see how many points they have earned, but cannot see who placed an order.

There are different ways to increase your points. The following is how you do so…

1- Regester your account.

Register your account by filling in your personal details such as name, phone number, and email.

2- Receive 10 points per order.

You will receive 10 points for every order you make. One point is equal to one pence.

3- Refer your friend

You can Invite someone by getting them to scan your QR code within the app. You can locate your QR code by clicking on the profile section and clicking “Invite a friend”. You will then be presented with your personal QR code and invitation code that you can share with friends.

4- Receive 10 points when your friend takes the order.

After the recommended customer places an order, the referrer earns 100 points after the order is successfully placed. The referrer will get an additional 10 points each time the recommended customer places an order.

How Can I View/Use My Points?

  • Access Your Points:
  1. Home Page

2. Click On The Points

3. Your Points Page

Use Your Points:

  1. Find Your Restaurant

2. Select Your Restaurant

3. Choose The Shipping Method Of Your Order

4. Enter The Number Of Points You Wish To Use. (You can only pay a maximum of 5% of the order with your points.)

5. Click On ‘Checkout’ And Finalize Your Order.

6. Enjoy 


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