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National Pizza Day is coming up on the 7th of February! A day in which pizza, the culinary innovation that originated in Italy is celebrated across the world, bringing love and joy between pizza lovers alike. How will you be celebrating National Pizza Day this year? Search pizza near me or visit to discover what takeaways are available in your area!

Created when the first pizza was made and eaten in Naples, Italy around the 17th century. It has been celebrated globally ever since, with dedication to one day: the 9th of February.

People across the world join in harmony to celebrate this culinary expertise, and their love for enjoying an authentic Italian pizza delivery. Being such a popular dish within the UK and such a prevalent takeaway dish in a large percentage of households across the world, with pizza takeaway being the UK’s 2nd favourite choice, it is mad to think that before the war, citizens within the UK had no idea what a pizza is, looks like or what it’s constructed of. Nowadays, you can’t walk down a high-street without seeing an abundance of ‘Best Pizza’ restaurants. On TV, adverts, posters…the pizza has well and truly hit some exponential popularity within the last century, which comes to no surprise, they are delicious and the perfect comfort-food-craving-fix!

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As we approach this year’s National Pizza Day, at All Eat we begin to wonder, what makes this notoriously groundbreaking slice of flatbread covered in seasoned tomato and scattered with melted mozzarella so simple yet so deliciously effective? Maybe the simplicity is what draws people in, with the Margarita (a personal favourite) being an extremely sought after dish with a pretty standard combination of Tomato and Herb Sauce base, topped with a sprinkling of cheese layered across a circular sourdough base.

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For some, pizza is about adventure.  This can mean loading your pizzas with whatever you can get your hands on; BBQ sauce, Chorizo, Teriyaki Chicken, Red Onion, Sweetcorn, Artichokes, Roast Potatoes, Anchovies, Jackfruit, (dare I say it) Pineapple, Pepperoni, Feta and the list goes on. Are these ‘topping loaders’ more adventurous than us lovers of a simple Margarita?

One thing’s for certain: the diversity of Pizza is never-ending, with some innovative ideas being sent in to rescue the Pizza from normality…ever heard of CURRY Pizza?! Well now you have! Think of two of your favourite cuisines (if your favourites are curry and pizza) collaborating to create one giant culinary powerhouse: The Curry Pizza. If you’re in London you can get a pizza delivery near me from Curry Pizza in Falconwood, South London! Dig into a magically tasty Pizza, topped with an Indian curry from Madras to Dansak, to Korma to Tikka Masala. This is a restaurant and food collaboration you don’t want to miss!

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