The Great British Pie Week!

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One of the biggest holidays in British culture is here…the week we have all been waiting for so eager to stuff our faces with the delightful pastry Powerhouse centred with something yummy…Earned it’s presence among we eat our pies in unison this week, without the guilty feeling of that calorie count glaring up at you. All Eat introduces to you The Great British Pie Week!

Everyone loves a bit of pie and the first week of March is when we can truly express our feeling towards this compellingly diverse pastry treat enjoyed by the masses…and has even earned a place among the Notorious Fish and Chip shops in London and across the UK! You can order your own Pie with All Eat! Just visit and search your postcode to discover restaurants in your area!

Does your heart lie on the sweeter side of life: The Apple Pie, The Blueberry Pie, The Pumpkin Pie or are you more in favour of a savoury slice like the classic Steak and Ale Pie or maybe the infamous Chicken and Mushroom Pie fits the bill…maybe you split your love of pies into a pie chart diagram… or you just simply love serving a slice of humble pie to your competitors, there’s no denying that the Pie is deeply rooted into British culture and has stolen a massive slice out all of our hearts in one way or another! Today we celebrate…pies of all shapes and sizes, from puff pastry to shortcrust pastry to flaky pastry – no pie is left unturned or unloved!

You’ve got this far…so it’s easy to assume you’re a lover of all things pie-like! How will you be celebrating this year’s National Pie Week? Cooking a delicious Pie at home? How about a pie to go alongside your regular fish and chips shop meal? All Eat is here to help with all your local food delivery needs! Search your postcode on to discover takeaway restaurants that you can order from near you!


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