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Maundy Thursday which is also referred to as the Holy Thursday and Thursday of mysteries among other names is a holiday celebrated by different Christian denominations all over the world. It commemorates the Last Supper that Jesus Christ shared with his followers prior to his crucifixion as described in the New Testament of the Bible. It is a day of a lot of significance as per the Christian Liturgical Calendar.

History and Importance of Maundy Thursday

As per (John 13:34), when sharing his Last Supper with his followers Jesus advised them to love one another as he loved them. This commandment explains why the day is referred to as Maundy Thursday as Maundy is derived from a Latin word mandatum which refers to as commandment.

In the Bible, it is stated that Jesus and his followers celebrated the Jewish festival of Passover. As a gesture of humility, Jesus washed the feet of his followers and with them he had the Last Supper which is also known as the Sacrament of Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper. Christians gather on the dinner table with bread and wine to remember his sacrifice.

Maundy Thursday serves as the beginning of the Easter Triduum which includes Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday remembering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ proving to be a day of huge importance for Christians.

Common Observations and Traditions of Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is celebrated by different Christian denominations all over the world. Their observations and traditions might differ depending on the denomination and the culture they were brought up in, however there are some observations and traditions that are more common than others.

The Holy Communion is observed by many Churches around the world where they reenact the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with bread and wine and remembering his sacrifice.

In order to remember Jesus Christ washing the feet of his followers as a gesture of humility, certain Christian denominations take part in the ritual of foot washing.

A Tenbrae service is practiced by Christians remembering the trial, arrest and crucifixion of Jesus Christ with the extinguishing of candles, reading from the Bible scriptures as well as prayers.

Certain Christian denominations also strip the altar of decorations and clothing on Maundy Thursday which symbolizes the stripping of Jesus’s garments prior to his crucifixion.

On the day of his crucifixion, Jesus Christ made seven stops prior to his crucifixion. As a service of remembrance, it is common in some cultures to visit seven churches on Maundy Thursday.

Since the idea behind Maundy Thursday is Jesus’s advice to his followers to love another, it is common practice in the United Kingdom for the British monarch to distribute money as an act of charity to elderly people. This tradition is referred to as Maundy Money.

Food traditions on Maundy Thursday

There is no set food tradition on Maundy Thursday however it is common for Christians to gather for a special meal which includes foods that Jesus had on the Last Supper like bread, lamb, saltwater, wine and better herbs.

Certain cultures also have green vegetable dishes served such as lettuce, watercress or spinach which reflect not only the importance of a new start but also the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

There are also regional dishes served in certain countries associated with Maundy Thursday. In Nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland, Mandelskorpor or almond rusks is eaten on this day.

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