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Kebabs are a popular food item which is made of meat. It can either be ground meat or chunks of meat which are marinated, skewered and cooked over an open flame or they can be grilled as well. Their origin lies in different regions of the world such as the Middle East, the Mediterranean region or Central Asia. The word kebab is derived from the Arabic word Kabab which either means to burn or to fry.

Since kebabs can be cooked quickly over an open flame, they were quite a popular dish among soldiers and travellers in previous times. With time, different regions started to develop their own take on kebabs by using local spices, marinades and different cooking techniques.

In the U.K kebabs are commonly made with beef, chicken or lamb marinated in different herbs and spices and cooked on a vertical rotisserie which is known as a doner or gyros grill.

Kebabs have become quite popular in the U.K and is among the most popular fast food cuisine choices. They can easily be found in kebab shops and takeaways in the country.

With a variety of kebab choices in the country, you must surely be thinking which kebab shops are the best to try out. Well don’t worry, this list which is in alphabetical order is here to help you out.

1. Best Kebabs & Pizza 29 Cambridge Road Kingston Upon Thames London KT1 3NQ

As the name suggests, Best Kebabs & Pizza in Kingston certainly has the best to offer. This takeaway is a great choice when you do not feel like cooking. Kebabs are not the only thing they offer though. They have a great selection of choices in addition to kebabs which include burgers and wraps, fish and chips, chicken wings, lasagna and much more.

You can check out their menu and order some delicious kebabs and other fast food items on All Eat.

2. Kuku Kebab House 46 Thornton Road Thornton Heath London CR7 6BA

No one knows what Kuku means but for a kebab takeaway so delicious, this takeaway in Thornton Heath certainly has a memorable name. They serve delicious kebabs that will satisfy your food cravings. In addition to kebabs, they have a great menu which appears quite diversified. Ever heard of a kebab house that serves biryani? Well now you have. Kebabs and biryani are not the only items on the menu. Customers have a great selection to choose from which include vegetable and non-vegetable curries, bong paya, karahi among other delicious items on the menu.

For some amazing kebabs, biryani, karahi, bong paya or curries, you can check out their menu and order a mouthwatering experience on All Eat.

3. Max’s Kebabs, Chicken and Shakes 5 High View Hatfield Hertfordshire AL10 8HZ

Max’s Kebabs wants you to know that kebabs are not their only best item. They serve chicken and shakes too but it only gets better here. With mouthwatering kebabs and chickens and yummy shakes, they have burgers, falafel wraps, meat and ships, mozzarella sticks and so much that will leave you wanting more. You cannot just get enough of Max’s Kebabs, Chickens and Shakes if you are ever in or near Hatfield as surely this is a great takeaway option.

To experience some extreme deliciousness, you can check out their menu and order on All Eat, you will be satisfied to the maximum.

4. Perfect Kebab 142 Stratford Road Wallington London SM6 9BS

If you want kebabs be cooked and delivered to absolute perfection, then Perfect Kebab in Wallington is the takeaway you need to order from. Their kebab options not only show a diverse range of options but are also absolutely delicious. The takeaway has named itself rightly as Perfect Kebab. However kebabs are not the only delicious items on the menu. The Perfect Kebab has perfection in the rest of the menu as well which include burgers, chicken, pizzas and a lot more.

So if you want your takeaway menu items whether they are kebabs or any other fast food items delivered to absolute perfection, then you can check out their menu and order on All Eat.

5. Shirley Best Kebab 60 Shirley Road Croydon London CRO 7EP

If you looking for an amazing kebab takeaway in Croydon, then Shirley Best Kebab is your answer. You will not be disappointed. This takeaway not only provides you with amazing and tasty kebabs but they also have mouthwatering burgers, pizzas and wraps. Shirley Best Kebab not only you offer the best kebabs but everything else in their menu hence staying true to their “best” identity mark.

Want the best takeaway experience from Shirley Best Kebab? Then check out their menu and order on All Eat.

6. Tasty Kebabs & Pizza 114 Churchill Road Sutton London SM3 8NA

If you are looking for kebabs in Sutton that are tasty, well then you are in luck. Tasty Kebabs & Pizza is a takeaway that not only has the tastiest kebabs but they also have the tastiest pizzas as the name suggests that you can find in Sutton. Their option is not limited to the tastiest kebabs and pizzas, they have other tasty items on the menu too which can also be your go to takeaway options such as wraps, steaks, chicken wings, burgers and many more fast food item options.

If you are looking for the tastiest kebabs, pizza and other tasty fast food options from Tasty Kebabs & Pizza, then check out their menu and order on All Eat.

So which one have you ordered from before or which one will you order from? Let us know in the comments section.

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