Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars is back for a second season

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Gordon Ramsay is a name that we cannot get enough of on our television screens. The foul-mouthed chef has returned once again for the second season of Future Food Stars The culinary maestro will embark on a journey once again in search of the most exciting and innovative food and drink business. The first episode was released on 30th March 2023 and is available to stream for free on the BBC Iplayer.

The show provides a chance for 12 people and their food and drinking business to get their hand on Gordon’s investment which is £150,000 of his own cash. However, getting their hands on the cash is no easy feat especially when Gordon Ramsay is the judge. The contestants need to earn it.

The competition is different from his popular show Hell’s Kitchen, where he usually looks for contestants that earn the opportunity to become a head chef at a restaurant chosen by him. In Future Food Stars, he is looking for entrepreneurship skills. Gordon is looking for someone he can work with as a partner.

The first episode showed Gordon invite the 12 lucky contestants to Cornwall where they were put to the test. The episode included a team challenge where contestants had to run a food shack at a beach in New Quay. It might seem like an easy task, but entertaining lots of hungry customers put a lot of pressure on them. If that was not enough burden, Gordon will be watching their every step. One wrong step from a contestant will make their future food stars dream, a thing of the past.

Here is a list of the contestants in Future Food Stars and the food and drink business they are representing:

1- Andy Albalous (London) – CBD Olive Oil

2- Amy Dalby (Stockton-On-Tee’s – Topped Artisan Blondies

3- Craig Stocker (Worthing) – Chain of Micro Pubs

4. Florence Rebattet (London/Toulouse) – Children’s Cookery Classes

5- Gary Quinn (Belfast) -Authentic Mexican Food

6- Hebe Ibbotson (Bournemouth) – Kombucha Kits

7- Kier Kemp (Kent) – Hot Sauces and Condiments Range

8- Kris Ingham (West Yorkshire/London) – Health Pods for Coffee Machines

9- Naomi Boles (Aylesbury) – Community Focused Bakery

10- Rachel Munro (Scotland) – Modern Eco Cafe

11- Sam Pascal (London) – Cajun Style Seafood Boils

12- Sophie Taylor (Essex) – Vegan Nut Milk Iced Coffee

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