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Netflix is still one of the best streaming services, even more so since the pandemic. However, if you are a foodie like us you don’t only watch Netflix to have a cry, a laugh or being intrigued and scared, you have also subscribed to Netflix to know more about food. Food is essential to our everyday life and is an art, so Netflix offers a variety of mouth watering movies and tv series on the theme of self discovery, love, faith, cultures, traditions but above all food that you certainly don’t want miss. Here are 5 amazing classic movies and tv series you would want to watch if you are a foodie with a deep sense of self.

From scratch

Pasta, pizza, Italian food, love, passion, family and travel is the perfect recipe for this movie who got the whole nation crying a few months ago. Based on a true story “From Scratch” tell the true story of Tembi Locke. A poignant love story portrayed to its perfection by actress Zoe Saldana and Eugenio Mastrandrea. Lino (Eugenio), a Sicilian chef leaves Sicily when he met Amy (Zoe) who pursues her passion for art. Prepare your tissues and also be ready to see life differently as hardship hit this beautiful couple. An insight to the ups and downs of life which causes us to reflect on the fragility and beauty of our own. Watch trailer here.

The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko house

The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House is a beautiful Japanese story of two young girls Kiyo played by Nana Mori and Sumire played by Natsuki Deguchi in pursuit of a new life away from their hometown. As we follow them making their first steps in the Maiko’s house, an all female house training women to become Geisha’s (Geiko and Maiko). However, Kiyo is not doing very well during her training while her friend Sumire is thriving. During this difficult realisation she discovers a new skills she truly excels at, cooking japanese food. This 9 episode mini series is heart warming and give us a beautiful insight on Japanese culture, traditions and the poetic art of cooking. Watch and be utterly delighted by light hearted series. Watch trailer here.


In Burnt we meet a raw side to everybody’s Hollywood beau Bradley Cooper. Produced by Gordon Ramsay this is a story of fallen chef trying to make his way back up into the restaurant industry. We follow Adam who used to be a prestigious chef in Paris but lost his career following a drug misuse problem. He sets off for London to open his own restaurant in attempt to rise to his prestigious status again. However, battling his inner demons and past, although he is a foodie genius, he struggles with the relational aspect of his life. Hard to the core we see his personal evolution through the evolution of his food and the people he meets. Somewhat proving us that beauty can rise from the ashes of our lives. Watch trailer here.

That’s Amor

That’s amor is your go to movie for perfect girlie night in. Order from one our takeaways and restaurants here and enjoy a traditional romantic comedy. This movie is as much about Spanish food that about believing in love again. after being cheated on by her boyfriend and leaving her job, 30 year old, Sofia played by Riley Dandy meet handsome Spanish chef Mathias, Isaac Gonzalez Rossi when taking a spanish cooking class with her mum. Here is to a second breath to her life and a new way to see love. If you don’t fall for the actor Isaac Gonzalez Rossi, you will surely fall for spanish omelettes, paella and many over traditional recipes! Watch trailer here.

Eat, pray, love

Classic foodie movie with a lovely morale, it is an all time favourite “Eat, pray, Love”. Beautifully played by Julia Roberts. This non-fiction book by Elizabeth Gilbert adapted on the big screen embarks us on a food discovery and self discovery journey. Elizabeth is a 30 something year-old in quest of her identity after a devastating divorce. She foudn herself through an italian food odysee, a new found belief and a new love. Anotehr one to watch for a takeaway night with the girls. Watch trailer here.

You may also watch Always be my maybe, Julie and Julia and Chocolate (korean movie).


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