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With King Charles and our future Queen Camilla coronation being upon us we were curious to find out about the main dish of this very special day for Britain. The winner is: The French “Quiche. An unusual choice for our King and Queen but surely a sentimental one as being our late Queen Elizabeth II favourite for any sort of grand celebration.

Quiches are native of our country neighbours, France. It originated from the French word “Quiche Lorraine”. Lorraine used to be a small town in France. The word “Quiche” maybe related to the German word “Kuchen” meaning “cake or tart”. Indeed it is a tart shaped pastry with egg and onions at its base. A quiche could be made with leek, lard, mushroom, spinach, salmon, French camembert, and many other ingredients.

Camilla and Charles decided their coronation Quiche to be meat free, as the King has revealed his engagement to reduce his meat consumption. He sees meat as a negative factor to the environment. Although the Quiche will be accompanied with a serving of traditional coronation chicken.

Quiche is a well known dish to us brits as they can be found in every local supermarket Try you hand at making one to eat like a King and Queen during the coronation on the 6th of May. Why not accompanying this dish with one of our beautiful takeaway desserts, order here.  Check out a traditional Quiche recipe here:


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