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You’ve had a long day at work, and you’re exhausted. You’re thinking about ordering food online or going out for dinner. You pick up your phone to order online but wait. We can help you choose the best delivery/takeaway app to order your favourite food. Read this blog from All Eat to decide which online food delivery/takeout service is the best for you.

The Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the takeaway and delivery culture across the world. People love to savour their favourite dishes in the cosiness of their homes. However, it can be tricky to decide which food delivery app to choose for carry-out as there are a lot available out there and pricing is the primary factor people consider when ordering food online.

Things to consider while ordering from online meal delivery services

Menu prices

We all know that popular takeaway apps charge higher than the restaurant menu price since they operate on commission basis which means that they charge a fee from restaurants for every order they receive. This can range from £4 to £30 (or more) depending on your order amount.

If you are ordering food via popular takeaway platforms, keep in mind that you have to pay that commission in the form of a higher price for the food that you order.

If you want to enjoy your food without burning a hole in your pocket, all you have to do is order via All Eat to get discounted menu prices as we accept 0% commission from the restaurant owners who then don’t have to recover those costs from their customers (you).

Expensive isn’t always better

The big players in the food delivery business like Dxxxxxxxx, Jxxx Exx and Uxxx Exx have pretty high menu rates since they can charge as much from the restaurants as they want. Sure, they lure customers with coupons and deals on their platform but even when you use those coupons, that doesn’t make much difference to your total order amount since they charge a hefty commission (20%-40%) on food orders.

However, when you order from All Eat, you gain access to thousands of local eateries at discount prices (since we don’t charge commission) so that you can relish a variety of cuisines without breaking the bank.

Be aware of your budget

Why be a slave to overpriced food delivery services? Most of you straightaway order through Dxxxxxxxxx, Uxxx Exxx or Jxxx Exx without realising that you have to pay a premium amount for the delivery, customer service and even some extra charges for small orders. This can sometimes hamper your eating-out budget which shouldn’t happen right?

Instead, when you order from All Eat, you don’t have to worry about add-on charges for your takeout. Instead of charging you more, All Eat charges its restaurants less and the menu prices remain low for our customers. Isn’t that a steal?

Customer Support

Almost all online food platforms offer customer service in their agreement, and we’re sure they must be great. However, sometimes you have to wait too long to complain about missing food items in your order or when your order gets delivered extremely late. We understand this and that’s why we have extended phone support (in English and Mandarin) for our valuable customers in case they have issues with their orders.

Choice of eat-out options

Sometimes, you just want to chill at home and order a takeaway/delivery while some days you fancy eating out at your favourite dine-in. While not all delivery apps provide this luxury of booking a reservation at your favourite eatery, All Eat App allows you to book a table at your favourite restaurant. Just log on to the All Eat website to find the nearest dine-in places to book your table.

Our take 

Whether you’re a student, an employee or you’re eating out with family, everyone wants to save money when ordering food online. So, the next time you choose to eat out, don’t forget to order from All Eat platform to save big bucks on your next order. Simply enter your postcode into our app, and we will help you find the perfect takeaway or delivery just as you like.



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