London’s Top 5 Thai Restaurants – The Proof is in the Pad Thai!

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Thai food, another huge restaurant and takeaway power-house when it comes to cuisines around the world. Up there with the most popular global cuisines, Thai style food and it’s vast spectrum of bold flavours is right on the money when cooked correctly, depending on the chef of course! Thai food is about combining intricate flavours, versatility, fragrant aromas with a spicy edge, each bite packing a hefty flavoursome punch!

Pad Thai, one of the biggest and most famous dishes to come from traditional Thai cuisine. A massive hit among takeaways and Thai restaurants in London and a prime example of authentic Thai food. You can pick up this beautiful dish in almost any Thai restaurant London has to offer, with its combination of Fried Noodles, Beansprouts, Egg, Crushed Peanuts + whatever else you can find all stir fried in a suitably sized wok… it’s a guaranteed winner, and if there was a staple dish that you needed to sway you to the culinary Thai side of life, then Pad Thai is king!

Thai restaurants and takeaways have taken the UK by storm with the popularity among takeaways and restaurant consumers continuing to blow up. As All Eat customer’s 2nd favourite takeaway cuisine to order in 2020 (most popular was Chinese food) we thought it’d be wrong not to address Thai food and all of it’s glory! If you remain sceptical, well, The proof is in the Pad Thai…(or pudding)! We have made a list of our Top 5 Thai restaurants around London to make your ordering choice just that bit easier and enjoy guaranteed delicious Thai food from the comfort of your sofa!

Taste of Siam 45 Camden High Street England London NW1 7JH

Taste of Siam Thai Restaurant Camden High Street has got you covered with a brilliant selection of traditional Thai dishes. An All Eat favourite Thai restaurant in Camden! Dig into a classic Thai Green Curry for just £9.45!

New Bangkok 58 Fulham Palace Road Hammersmith London W6 9PH

New Bangkok Thai Restaurant Hammersmith has a wide variety of Thai food dishes available that will certainly fix your takeaway craving! Best Thai restaurant Hammersmith has to offer! Grab a tasty Pad Thai now for just £8.45!

Nid Ting 533 Holloway Road Upper Holloway London N19 4BT

Nid Ting Thai restaurant Archway, London has an amazing menu full of delicious authentic Thai food dishes. The professional Thai chefs use fresh Thai ingredients in line with decades of experience to truly reflect authentic Thai flavour. Enjoy a mouth-watering aromatic Thai Green Curry for just £6.90! 

Tian Tsin 5 Ramsden Road Balham London SW12 8QX

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Looking for what Thai food Balham has to offer? Tian Tsin Thai restaurant Balham is the place to go! Delicious variety of Thai food and Chinese food, for the perfect takeaway. Excellent value, affordable takeaway. Thai Spring Rolls for just £4! Yummy Pad Thai for just £6!

Asia Star 39 Crouch Hill Finsbury Park London N4 4AP

Asia Star Thai restaurant Finsbury Park has got what you need for the best takeaway night in. Great variety of Thai food, plus some Japanese and Chinese food, delicious and affordable! You can dig into a mouth-watering Pad Thai with your choice of meat starting from £6! 

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