Americans are shocked at how the British have Chinese food takeaway

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Turyal Azam Khan is a content writer at All Eat. Turyal has six years of experience in the writing and media sector. He has worked as a content writer, blogger and journalist writing for websites such as Express Tribune, Daily Times, The Nation, Orato World, Compass Music, Video Librarian on topics such as politics, entertainment, culture, social issues among others. He did his M.A in Global Media and Communications from SOAS, University of London. Turyal has a passion for food whether it is writing about it, cooking it or eating it. His favourite cuisines are Chinese, Thai, Indian and Pakistani and his favourite dishes are Chicken Biryani and Chinese Style Egg Fried Rice. He has a good spice tolerance and generally likes anything that is very spicy.

It is interesting to note how different cultures operate. Sometimes it is a way for people to connect and learn about each other. Then there are instances where people are surprised at how people do certain things in their cultures that they might not be familiar. with.

Chinese food is no stranger in this age of globalization. It is enjoyed everywhere. Chinese food takeaways are very popular. They have been referenced in popular culture as well. One notable example is the U.S TV series The Big Bang Theory where the main characters are often seen enjoying a Chinese food takeaway.

Chinese food takeaways are no doubt popular however every country outside China has its own spin to it. What would categorise as a Chinese food takeaway is different in different parts of the world. So, what happens when Americans who love Chinese food takeaway as much as people in other parts of the world discover how the British have a Chinese food takeaway? They go in a state of shock.

What is this British Chinese food takeaway trend and why are Americans shocked?

There is a recent trend making waves on TikTok about how the British people have a Chinese food takeaway as reported by the Evening Standard. It is understandable that this is a pretty normalised practice in the U.K. Some of it may not even be authentic Chinese food but it could be classified as a combination of a mix of Chinese cuisine adapted to British tastes.

Americans and British people don’t often see eye to eye when it comes to a lot of things. The Americans call it an elevator, the British call it a lift, the Americans call it a subway, the British call it a tube. Now it seems that Americans don’t agree with how the British have their Chinese food takeaway.

In a tweet Drag Queen Kimchi said that she was shocked at how the British pour curry sauce and sweet and sour sauce all over their chips, chicken balls and rice.

There were also comments about how British refer to Chinese food takeaway as simply Chinese which could be assumed as racist. This was highlighted by American influencer Soogia.

The British Response

The British clearly did not hold back and explained the reasoning behind all of the things related to British Chinese food takeaway that has sent Americans in a state of shock.

British TikTok Influencer Cory’s World responded to the Americans in a video trying to eliminate their confusion regarding British Chinese food takeaway by saying “Curry sauce is the best thing ever, so it’s the texture of gravy but it tastes like curry. They even do it in McDonald’s over here. The owner of my local Chinese shop is from China but the food they eat is completely different from the food they serve us. Chicken balls are available in any Chinese shop you go in. It’s basically a boneless chicken but its deep fried. All the Chinese shops I’ve gone to sell ribs and chips as well. They also do containers. It is called a half and half which is half rice and half chips with curry sauce poured over the top.”

British TikTok creator Olivia Smith who is white and her Chinese boyfriend Derek Guo, both of whom are based in the U.K also addressed the responses. Derek explained the reasoning behind British people calling Chinese food takeaway or a Chinese meal as simply Chinese was laziness, he joked. It had nothing to do with racism. He further clarified that they just shorten it and its the same with Italian, Mexican or Greek. Cory’s World also clarified this.

The couple also explained that since the U.K is a multicultural country, there is the presence of authentic Chinese food in the country and the Chinese food takeaway they are seeing on TikTok does exist but does not necessarily present how the whole of the UK has a Chinese food takeaway. In a multicultural country such as the U.K, it is important to adapt to different tastes and Chinese food takeaway or any other food for that matter is no stranger to this rule.

What do you think of this entire situation? Let us know in the comments. While you’re at it, it is a good time to mention that if you live in the U.K, we at All Eat have some amazing Chinese food takeaways so order now at our website or application available on both IOS and Android.


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