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In a world where online food delivery platforms are ten a penny, All Eat App stands out as a UK-based online takeaway platform that’s making waves by adopting a Lifetime 0% Commission Policy. As a result, All Eat is rapidly gaining popularity among foodies as they can save a lot of money by ordering food online via All Eat.

What is All Eat App?

Established in 2017, All Eat App is a UK-based online food delivery platform. It positions itself as a unique player in the industry by taking a bold step – charging restaurants and takeaways 0% commission. This approach is contrary to the standard industry practice where traditional food platforms often levy hefty fees on eateries for being part of their network. 

On the other hand, All Eat App’s 0% commission policy allows restaurants to offer lower menu prices and exclusive discounts to customers as well as supports local business.

Today, thousands of satisfied customers are using All Eat App to order food online from our partner restaurants and takeaways.

All Eat App Takeaway portal

Is All Eat App Legit?

All Eat App is registered as a company in the UK, and the transparency in its revenue model, as well as its clear mission to offer lower menu prices to customers while supporting local restaurants, contribute to its credibility.

All Eat App prides itself on providing a user-friendly experience, boasting an easy-to-navigate app and website, alongside an extensive selection of restaurants and takeaways. Our platform also offers a wide range of cuisines, making it a convenient choice for diverse culinary preferences.

The app’s interface is intuitive, and customers can enjoy a seamless ordering process and secure payment options. Customer reviews and ratings further enhance the user experience, helping users make informed decisions about their food orders. 

Want to give us a try?

You can visit our website or download our app from Google Play or App Store. App users can enjoy exclusive offers and discounts on All Eat. 


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